Release History

VirtualRig™ Studio 3.1 (Current version)

  • updated to the latest Java version, updated packages
  • improved help and documentation
  • support for SSL version of the license server
  • improvements in license system

VirtualRig™ Studio 3.0

  • completely redesigned user interface with Retina display support
  • added real-time render preview
  • added jitter effect
  • added overlay image layer
  • added render queue, multi-core render support
  • license system extended with floating license option and activation over the internet
  • dozens of bugfixes and miscellaneous improvements

VirtualRig™ Studio 2.3

  • added support for OpenEXR HDRI image format
  • performance improvement by using relative path to images instead of copying them when creating a new project
  • improved start-up times of the application
  • asynchronous loading/saving of images and projects, so that it can be cancelled any time
  • improvements in the Results Viewer, including zooming support
  • start/end length of the blurrers can be set by keyboard
  • correct reading and setting of image DPI resolution
  • many user-interface improvements - new icons, new splashscreen image when starting the app, time estimation in progress bar etc.

VirtualRig™ Studio 2.2

  • improved user interface: group vector edit, copy & paste, zoom, drag-and-drop support, better handling of shortcuts, new icons and more...
  • exposure value setting for HDRi images
  • noise level setting for blur render
  • various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • improved support for ICC color profiles

VirtualRig™ Studio 2.1

  • high-dynamic range imagery (HDRI) supported, using Radiance RGBE format
  • support for 360-degree panoramic images
  • 64-bit support
  • new example projects
  • improved user interface: smoother dialogs, tooltips, new keyboard shortcuts, and more...
  • improved installation process
  • various bug fixes

VirtualRig™ Studio 2.0

  • software protection using hardware fingeprinting
  • installers for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
  • alpha transparency support
  • blurrers vector type
  • user manual added
  • user interface improvements, various bug fixes

VirtualRig™ Studio 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2

  • releases for internal use